"The first time I visited the Colonial Theatre it wasn't a theatre at all. It was an art supply store . . . but this was no ordinary art store. Ornate columns popped nonsensically through the floor and disappeared into a hanging ceiling. An arched frieze festooned with the faces of women curved through the center of the store. Clearly, there was something unusual about this place."
  "In 1952, the Colonial was concealed behind the temporary walls and ceiling in Miller Supply Co., which, from a restoration point of view, was profoundly fortunate. For nearly fifty years, the grand interior existed in a sort of semi-sealed time capsule, thus preserving one of the few theatres of the period. Of the more than 150 playhouses designed by noted theatre architect J. B. McElfatrick, the Colonial is one of less than a dozen still standing. The Colonial Theatre was designated a National Historic Treasure by the National Park Service in 1998."
  "The story of the Colonial Theatre is the story of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It's a story of how a true gem can be left in the dust and mothballs and almost forgotten by the outside world, only to return even more glorious than ever. It's a story about how a community can come together and not only bring a world-class theatre back to life, but itself as well. And it's a story of hope: the hope of George Miller, the long-time owner of this property, who preserved this true 'jewel box' for decades until Pittsfield and its people were ready and able to take the torch he had carried for so long."